Our 3 options



1. Keep it Simple

Working with the space you have and getting creative with it. Your family wants its own organic vegetable garden, flowers, perhaps an herb bed or some medicinals. Don’t have time to do it yourself or maintain your backyard edible landscape? Keep things simple, with all your produce and veggies growing year around.

2. Transform

Perhaps you desire food, not an energy intensive lawn. You have space to grow food on a yearly crop rotation, but need to remove that old fence for more space for a bigger yield of food that you & your neighbor can share. Or maybe a drought tolerant scheme is suitable for you. Container garden, food cultivation on the roof, or you want to grow vertically.

3. Educate

Learn more on what it takes to grow and maintain your backyard farm. While you maintain your backyard space, I can provide monthly visits throughout the season to educate and guide you in growing your own food organically & help build a sustainable backyard farm.

Planting Your Garden Around the Seasons



Arugula, onions, beets, swiss chard, snap peas, herbs, kale, lettuce, garlic, micro greens, broccoli, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, pok choi, bok choi, fava beans, peppers (sweet, mild, & hot), eggplant, squash, potato


Berries, melons, apples, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, peppers, honeydew, persimmons, plums, pears, watermelon, summer-winter squash, corn, potatoes, pok choi, bok choi, fava beans


Potatoes, apples, winter squash, micro-greens 


Ayurvedic, Chinese, Native & Latin American, Classical European


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