It has been been quite some time.  Happy Spring.  Last time I was here I was talking about growing food in a drought.  Two years later, we finally experienced a normal season of rain.  Bless.  During this time I have been living the fastest, slowest and definitely the longest period of my young life.  And yet, it has only been a little over 2 years since my injury.  For those of you who don’t know, especially some of my past clients.  I had a freak accident while hiking in the Shasta highcountry back in March of 2014.  When I reflect on my life before the accident it seems so long ago, a distant dream.  I was working hard on starting From The Ground Up and piecing together the small business, doing some rewarding work in the mental health world, helping my uncle paint homes in the city.  All the while, walking amongst the trail, trees, creeks, lakes, Southern Oregon, the high desert, riding the old Schwinn 10-speed passing up all the freaks with cycling gear worth a small sports sedan, joyriding the mountain bike, learning from Shasta;  getting to know it all again, this time more intimately.  At this time, I will share all of this with the love of my life.  A beautiful time for us both, as we seek the empty wide places void of the annoying human buzz.


On a crisp March 22nd morning my girlfriend and I hiked above Castle Lake.  The view from above was breathtaking:  Mount Shasta, Castle Crags, Mount Scott in Southern Oregon the Eddys all before us.  One may go a lifetime without ever breathing cleansing mountain air.  For me, it was a morning that I almost gasped my last.  As we descended back to the lake, I slipped and began to fall on snow and ice.  I picked up speed quickly, I tried to slow down by self-arrest using my hiking pole.  We were almost down to the bottom, heading back to the lake to fish.  Jenn witnessed as I sped down.  I hit a tree and broke my back at T8 fracturing 7 ribs and a piece of my sternum along with a punctured lung, that began to fill with fluid.  I’m lucky to be alive.  There I lay in a snowy tree well, thinking that I broke my legs.  Completely coherent and clear to where I was at, enough to communicate with Jenn.  Fortunately we were close enough to the trailhead, as Jennifer ran for help.  I’ve hiked here many times alone, this particular morning was shared.  I was airlifted to UC Davis Medical in Sacramento.  There, they put me back together.  In a short 29 days I would be back home in Fairfax, starting the long road to recovery with hopes of walking again.


…One would say that I’ve been busy.  All too much to list of the extreme mental and physical healing that continues to move only forward;  which began literally From The Ground Up.  I’m not too sure where this project will go or how I will use it to feed my soul.  Everything has been adapted as I heal in a wheelchair.  I’ve been working at what I want to do.  Walk.  However, an injury like this takes time to heal.  Nerves take a long time to heal, they remind me of plant roots.  What a continued practice of patience.  Through the pain I exercise to keep my mind strong, it has been tough from this current perspective.  The good news, my strength is coming back and I feel my legs and lower back.


Well folks, in a nutshell that’s why I disappeared.  Please if there’re any questions regarding your gardens, any plants, design, wildlife, kombucha etc.;  I’m an open book and would love to help.  I will do what I can.  The website and FB page is still up and running, although there maybe some changes coming.  Again, thank you for taking the time to read.  We’ll connect again soon.






  1. 5-3-2016

    You need to know…give yourself lots of kudos for all the hard work both mentally and physically❣
    I was just thinking of you yesterfsy.
    Always wishing you the best.

  2. 5-4-2016

    SO MUCH LOVE. Keep spreading those seeds of righteousness and always stay rooted from the ground up. <3

  3. 5-13-2016

    Courageous fellow, on so many levels. Once again I am inspired by you.

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