How much do you charge?

The initial consultation is free. An analysis of your site will be taken for a fee. After installment, the rate is $45/hour, which is the average length of a weekly visit.


In what geographic area do you service?

The Greater San Francisco Bay Area, California.


What size farm area will I need?

Farm sizes depend upon the size of the family; typically a 20 x 20 square foot area will feed a family of four. A 15 x 15 square foot will feed a family of two or three. A 12 X 12 square foot plot will feed an individual or family of two.


Will I choose the vegetables and/or herbs that will be planted?

Yes, your farm will be customized to your family and preferences.


Why would I want a backyard farmer?

Nothing is better than freshly harvested vegetables & fruits. By having From the Ground Up tend your landscape, you know where your food comes from. You have the enjoyment and nutrition of fresh grown organic produce, an integrated food system working with nature not against it; for food production.


Do you use synthetics of any kind?

Absolutely not. We use organic methods for pest control, observing what beneficial insects are attracted to the space & what nature has to offer to help counter unwanted pests. We only use organic natural fertilizers, non-GMO organic seeds, amendments and transplants.


How often does the farmer come to my home to take care of my farm?

The farmers will be at your home on a weekly scheduled visit. At this time we will weed, harvest, recheck your water system and at scheduled times we will fertilize and add plants as necessary. We will check in on the composting, mulching and over-all health of the site.


What if I want to do it myself but need help?

We can schedule time to teach you about what it will take to keep your space thriving. We teach about creating and maintaining loamy soils, pest control, disease, garden planning, crop rotation, succession planting, trellising, weeds, transplanting, growing from seed, seed saving, cover cropping and so much more. You choose which vegetables you want to grow through the season. By the time we are done you will be growing successfully your choice crops.