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I’m Shaun Diaz, owner and lead farmer here at From the Ground Up.

Having a connection to place and growing organic healthy food is important to me. I’m working hard to bring food production back to basics. There are more affordable, clean, healthier food options that can be cultivated in your own backyard for consumption. Health is the greatest wealth! As commercial agriculture continues to grow, food safety will continue to be on our culture’s forefront. Small is beautiful and drawing the relationship with the land and people is a passion of mine. I firmly believe that growing your own food organically is much better for the body, soul and mind.

My family originally came to this country as field workers. They harvested oranges, grapes, cotton, almonds, olives and cherries in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley of California. Growing up, there was always a garden out back, filled with fruit trees and veggies. Despite the small backyard, my parents were able to yield a sizable amount of food to feed my sister & me. Cherries, strawberries, sugar cane, and oranges were our candy! From this, I’ve had a strong connection to nature and growing vegetables.

Gardening and tending land has carried over into my adult life. While building the small business of From The Ground Up, I’ve worked as a counselor in the mental health field. I have learned small organic farming practices while working at Wild Blue Farm in Tomales and worked as a garden educator with a nonprofit in San Francisco called Urban Sprouts. I’ve witnessed firsthand the overwhelming sense of care and responsibility that arises over youth when growing food. It brings me an amazing sense of joy and accomplishment, intertwining all living things.

My goal is to bring that same sense of joy and accomplishment to my customers. Whether you’re brand new to gardening or have a well established green thumb, let me help get your backyard farm to its next stage. From the Ground Up.

Shaun Diaz, Owner
From the Ground Up

BA Ecology, Culture & Sustainable Community,
New College of California