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Turn Your Backyard Into An Organic Farm

From the Ground Up caters to households in the greater SF Bay Area

Farmer's Blog

Here We Bee.

It has been been quite some time.  Happy Spring....

Growing Food without Water

For the past year we’ve been experiencing...

Winter is in the Horizon

What to Grow Cool cole crops.  Kale (really...


Produce quality organic food in a sustainable manner.
Empower you to grow food by providing you with the skills needed.
Demonstrate the health, social, environmental, and financial benefits of growing food locally.

Create beautiful, sensory places to enjoy homegrown bounties.

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The Farmer

The Farmer

Much aloha to you, I’m Shaun Diaz, owner and lead farmer here at From the Ground Up.

Phone: (510) 326-0571
Email: loamyearth@gmail.com

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